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Witchy Romance Styled Shoot {Riverside Cemetery}

Witchy Romance Styled Shoot {Riverside Cemetery}

No tricks— just treats this morning as we feast our eyes on a styled shoot so novel, so neat, and so apropos for Halloween. We got goosebumps (in the best kinda way) when we laid eyes on these images below by Miss Gabrielle von Heyking Photographie. When she mentioned she had a “witchy romantic” shoot she wanted to send in our direction, we didn’t imagine that when we saw it, it would exceed expectations. And that it did! The moody palette, the wedding attire (gah, we love a good bell sleeve), the incredible stationery by Freckles + Ink … it has so much character and provides us a different look at how to go about planning a wedding. You know, not all brides are gung-ho about pastels and blush. Some gals prefer a bit of drama and lo-and-behold, this baby brings it along with  the “good juju.” Let’s hear a bit from the photographer herself, who has bewitched us, body and soul.

Asheville Wedding Guide: Alright dear, what were you aiming to achieve with this shoot?

Gabrielle: In an enchanting juxtaposition, this historic cemetery was brought to life in true celebration of “till death do us part.” Accompanied by a beguiling bride & groom, we created dramatic scenes using a dark palette, crystals, tarot card splay (The Wild Unknown), smoke, dried herbs, and the haunting setting of an unmarked crypt. Don’t worry though, everyone was respectful of the cemetery’s inhabitants–you don’t want unhappy guests!

AWG: Phew. Well, we are glad to hear it. OK, we hear this groom dressed himself?

Gabrielle: The groom model brought all of his own clothes to wear for the shoot. Pretty much everything he brought to wear (with the exception of a few things) was stuff that he had bought from stores over the years. His first outfit he accessorized with a wooden bowtie, fedora, western looking vest extender, and western looking belt buckle, all vintage items. His second outfit he accessorized with a fedora and gold, black, and turquoise western bolo tie. He was very into accessories.

AWG: We have never seen a more stylish groom. So, did you need permission to snap photos here?

Gabrielle: It’s public property and open to the public so no need to ask. I would think, though, that if a couple did want have their wedding there, with a larger group of people, you would probably need permission of some sort. (If you dare!)

AWG: Intriguing! Any memorable moments you’d be willing to share?

Gabrielle: Erin from Plain with Sprinkles Events had attained smoke bombs to use for some extra moodiness in some of the shots but due to the dress being on loan from Wildflower Bridal, we decided not to use any of the black smoke bombs in case they stained. We had positioned the models and were ready to set them off when we realized we had accidentally used the black smoke bombs! We all started freaking out and yelling for the models to run away, but thankfully the dress was completely unharmed. We encountered quite a few people who were walking in the cemetery who stopped and watched as we sho t… I assume they were fascinated by the fact that we were doing a wedding type shoot in a cemetery. (And rightfully so, might we add.)

Photographer: Gabrielle von Heyking Photographie

Planner: Plain With Sprinkles Events

Hairstylist & Makeup: AnaRie

Florals: Lavender Fox Florals

Invitation & Calligraphy: Freckles + Ink 

Rentals: Vintage Indigo Rentals

Ring: Stephanie Ellis Jewelry

Earrings: Sirens Holler

Wedding Dress Boutique: Wildflower Bridal

Wedding Dress Designer: Watters

Venue: Riverside Cemetery Tarot: The Wild Unknown Deck