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Mallory & Patrick {The Barn at Honeysuckle Hill}

Mallory & Patrick {The Barn at Honeysuckle Hill}

Asheville Wedding Guide: How did you and Patrick first meet?

Mallory: Patrick first noticed me at prom our junior year of high school. I knew he existed but that’s about it. We hung out with very different crowds—he was the “popular party kid” and I was the “quiet, artistic girl.” I quickly realized I was wrong about him when we officially met a year later at a mutual friend’s party. (Shoutout to Will Barker, Patrick’s future Best Man.) I quickly told him I wasn’t interested in dating anyone, all the while I was crushing hard. Friends quickly turned into best friends, then holding hands to Ed Sheeran in the car (high school, ya know). So love at first sight? I’ll let you decide.

AWG: We shall ponder. Now, tell us about the “Big Ask.”

Mallory: The proposal! I’m smiling writing about it. Simple, sweet, and perfect. We had talked about getting engaged but I wasn’t sure when it was going to become a reality. One night we went out for a date and Patrick said, “Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen tonight. You can relax.” (Yeah right.) We were at Regeneration Station in East Asheville just browsing. I was a little irritated at Patrick for something that I can’t remember now so I went in the next booth over. Next thing I know he’s calling me over to look at this little box. I thought it looked kind of familiar but didn’t think anything of it. He told me to open it and sure enough there was a ring inside! My first thought was . . . “Wow! What a coincidence—we’ve been talking about getting married and here’s a ring.” Then, of course, he got on one knee and proposed. I learned moments later that the box belonged to my grandmother who had passed recently. A priceless gift. Patrick recorded the whole thing on his secretly set up iPhone—a video I will cherish forever.

AWG: You’ll have to send us that video sometime so we can see. So, these awesome robes. What’s the story?

Mallory: I’m literally wearing my kimono as I write this! Stephanie Wilson with Air to Be is amazing. I knew she made hand dyed kimonos and I approached her about making them for my bridesmaids. A large task. I asked my bridesmaids what their favorite colors were and Stephanie took it from there. They turned out so perfect and I couldn’t imagine anything better! I wanted to give my girls something they would actually use and these kimonos are great. Dress them up, dress them down, super funky, but not too “out there.”

AWG: Speaking of attire. How about those rad, velvet booties.

Mallory: Ahhh, the velvet boots. I knew I wanted funky shoes but didn’t know what to purchase. I don’t really wear heels and didn’t want to have to learn to walk in them for one day. I originally was going to get something leather from Free People but when I saw these boots at TJ Maxx, I knew I had to get them! They hold no significance, just something that reminded me to be laid back and have fun!

AWG: Well, no doubt, they hold significance now. Moving on to . . . dessert. That dessert bar looks heavenly.

Mallory: Ummm, the best dessert bar ever! My Italian grandmother is amazing. She made 500 assorted Italian cookies for us! We had Short Street Cakes do cupcakes and a small cake, too, that was sour cream poundcake with raspberry filling. We used my late grandmother’s childhood dresser drawers to display it all.

AWG: OK, one last question. Explain these whole “manly man” chopping wood images.

Mallory: One of Patrick’s groomsmen got him an axe with his initials on it and we needed wood for the bonfire! That’s about it. I didn’t even know they did it until we got our pictures back!

Photographer – David + Drew Photography

Venue – Barn at Honeysuckle Hill

Florals – Trader Joes

Cakes + Cupcakes – Short Street Cakes

Bride’s Dress – Paige and Elliot Boutique / Made with Love (Designer) 

Suits – Black Tux

Catering – 12 bones 

Bridesmaid’s Skirts – Morning Lavender

Band – Garnet Ridge Ramblers

Kimonos – Air to Be 

Day of Coordinator – Michele Sullivan