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Jesse + Nikki {Craggy Gardens Vow Renewal}

Jesse + Nikki {Craggy Gardens Vow Renewal}

Ok, so vow renewals are the coolest ever. I mean, it’s kind of like a wedding re-do minus the stress and all of the people, but plus a few years of wedded bliss behind you. It’s a chance to focus on just the two of you, and you can really pour your heart into one another and document the progression of your relationship. And when these vow renewals just happen to occur in the amazing mountains with views galore, they’re kicked up a notch. Like this one below, featuring lovebird Jesse + Nikki who are obviously smitten with each other after 9 years by each other’s side. So let’s hear their advice, as they are obviously doing something right.

Asheville Wedding Guide: To get started, we want to hear how you all met.

Jesse: I met Nikki while I was home, visiting from the military. She was this stunning girl working at Hollister and I was instantly enamored. My buddies bet me to go talk to her. I worked up the nerve, palms sweaty, walking a little faster than normal towards her, and when I reached her, all I could muster up to say was a ramble of sorts, and then I jetted back out of the store. I’m sure she had no clue what  happened besides the fact that some  boy just came up and blurted out some nonsense and ran away.

AWG: Aw, what a cute “boy-meets-girl” story. So you all eloped, first correct?

Nikki: In the military, you can have a formal wedding if you want. Jesse was in the process of transferring to another location and it was just going to be easier to go ahead and get legally married first. We planned on having a wedding a few months later, after we eloped, but just never did. 

AWG: We see. So after 9 years, what do you still love most about each other?

Nikki:I love how Jesse has always treated me like his queen. He’s always spoiling me and will do about anything I ask or need. Jesse loves how I’m an amazing wife and mother and blessed him with the 2 greatest gifts (our children). 

AWG: So, how do you keep the spark alive? Describe your perfect Saturday together.

Nikki: A perfect Saturday would be us all doing something fun as a family such as the park, zoo, or just playing at the house. No matter what we have planned we always find a way to have a good time! 

Images by Dawn Marie Photo

Beauty: Maria Mariche

Gown: Lula Blue Couture