Jennifer & Joey {Asheville Glamping}

Jennifer & Joey {Asheville Glamping}

There’s a lot of hoopla surrounding wedding related events—proposals, engagement parties, bridal luncheons, Big Days, you name it— as their rightfully should be but what we hear less about are anniversaries. Those special commemorations of a relationship that creep up on a married couple faster than they know it. Well, we think they should be just as fun-filled and just as huge of a deal because it’s proof that you’ve made it thus far, for better or for worse and the vows were completely and totally worth it. So, when this five year anniversary shoot by Hanna Wilson Photography came my way, I knew instantly I had to show it off. Such a neat-o idea in my opinion, a way to track your progression or your family’s and take snapshots of who’ve you become to one another over the years. And this one between Jennifer and Joey happens to be overflowing with love and happiness and . . . the occasional pillow fight. Shout out to Asheville Glamping for providing the coolest setting ever. Now, a few words from the married woman herself, Jennifer.

Asheville Wedding Guide: How did you two cross paths?

Jennifer: We met January of  2012. Joey sent me a Facebook message requesting an appointment for a haircut (I am a hairstylist, by the way). When he arrived to the salon for his cut, you could tell he definitely wasn’t in need of one. But I am glad he came to check me out, ha.

AWG: Well, looks like his plan worked. How long have you guys been married? Any new additions to your crew along the way?

Jennifer: We have been married for five years. We are still living in the house Joey grew up in—a beautiful country, cabin-style home. We have three children, two girls that Joey “inherited” when we got together. Hailey is 13 and Gracie is 10. We also have one little boy together, four year old Jonah.

AWG: A sweet party of five! Why did you choose to participate in an anniversary shoot?

Jennifer: I am kind of crazy about having pictures taken but they are usually family pictures. This time, though, I had already planned our time in the Dome at Asheville Glamping before pondering having photos taken. I follow their Instagram and this is where I first saw Hanna’s work. After checking out her website and seeing how great she was, I decided we were for sure going to have to take some fun photos. I crossed my fingers that Hanna was available that weekend.

AWG: And so she was. Yay! Now tell us some about pillow fighting and playing airplane.

Jennifer: Hanna was so phenomenal at finding silly ways to capture our playful side. Joey is kind of a big kid anyway, and he definitely makes it easy to be goofy. During this session we learned that Joey isn’t great at jumping on the bed or keeping his legs straight when he’s laying on his back, but he is all good for tackling me on the bed.

AWG: What one piece of advice would you give to married couples?

Jennifer: Teamwork makes the dream work. Marriage has to be 100 percent given each way.

Images: Hanna Wilson Photography

Venue: Asheville Glamping