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Jake & Julianne {JuneBug Retro Resort}

Jake & Julianne {JuneBug Retro Resort}

Let’s put a little pep in our step this morning, shall we? How about we take a peek at a wedding full of poppy color, full of palpable joy, and brimming over with fun details that will just make you want to smile. When Joseph of Joseph Dix Photography sent Jake and Julianne’s gallery our way, we knew immediately and without question that we would have to share. And the fact that it takes place at one of the coolest new venues on the western North Carolina block, JuneBug Retro Resort, doesn’t hurt either. This is something special, you guys, and we can’t wait for you to scroll through and see for yourselves. But while you get those fingers prime and ready, let’s hear a bit more from the smitten newlyweds.

Asheville Wedding Guide: Alright, lovebirds. Let’s start with the proposal.

Julianne: We made plans to go for a motorcycle ride one Sunday—Jake suggested going to Rich Mountain, where we’d gone on our second date. We made the climb up the dirt road, and found that the stairs to the fire tower on Rich Mountain had been removed, so we wouldn’t be getting to the top for the view. I was thinking the proposal was going to come at the fire tower, so I was pretty bummed out (I’d been ready and anxious for the proposal for a long time!). We wound our way down the mountain, and the bike blew a fuse. We stopped, and Jake dug in his jacket to find a fuse. He had all kinds of tools in that jacket–I started to figure that the proposal was not going to happen because I didn’t see where he could possibly have a ring box. Once the fuse was replaced, we got back on the bike, and soon found a cool little pull-off by a creek where we decided to hang out for a while. We rode along and passed by Paint Rock–a spot we had discovered together five years earlier. We rode by, so I thought we weren’t going to stop, but Jake decided to turn around and park the bike. So, then I was thinking “Okay, maybe, just maybe, this proposal is coming on top of Paint Rock!” After all, the first time we’d been there, we both fell in love with the amazing view high above the French Broad near Hot Springs–we knew this was a special spot. We hiked up to our spot, and sat and enjoyed the view. Eventually, Jake asked if I was ready to go. While I enjoyed our day exploring together, I was beyond disappointed there was no proposal. It turns out, Jake was just trying to get me to turn around so I wouldn’t see him get the ring box out of his jacket. Before we left our spot on Paint Rock, Jake presented me with a beautiful ring, which had belonged to his grandmother, and asked me to marry him–there was no question there, of course, it was YES! 

AWG: A proposal definitely worth the wait! Now, this snap of Jake smooching your forehead on the swing. Posed or real?

Joseph: I can answer this one as the photographer. The forehead kiss was 100 percent real. We headed over to the playground at JuneBug and spent some time on the merry-go-round and the swings. Julianne had a seat in the swing and Jake leaned over and kissed Julianne on the forehead. So sweet! 

AWG: We hope this photo was framed. On to the sweet treats. We see a whole bunch of delicious options.

Julianne: We had six flavors of cupcakes from a La Cupcakes. They have so many delicious flavors, it was hard to narrow them down. Jake isn’t a huge fan of cake, so we had some cookies from Well-Bred bakery on the dessert table as well (he does love a cookie!). The sweetheart cake was also from a La Cupcakes–they couldn’t have been better to work with. They knew that Jake didn’t like cake much, but is a fan of Oreos, so suggested decorating the cake with white chocolate dipped Oreos, especially for him. The “love at first hike” cake topper was also an Etsy find—we hiked at Bearwallow Mountain on our first date, and I’d say it pretty much was love at first hike. We did a lot of hiking in the first year or so of dating, always looking for new spots to explore. When I spotted the topper, I ordered it right away.

AWG: It is so cute and so fitting for a wedding set in the mountains. Did you all stay in an on-site vintage camper following your wedding?

Julianne: We did stay in a camper on the wedding night. We made our getaway in the vintage 1967 GTO Convertible from the reception side of the JuneBug property, and just drove around to the camper side of the property, where the JuneBug folks had set up an awesome bonfire. The two of us changed out of our wedding clothes to go to the fire, where a group of our friends who were also staying in the campers started to gather. We snuck away from the fire at some point to turn into our Honeymoon Suite of a camper, where we’d found our friends had decorated with “Mr. & Mrs.” balloons, streamers, and a handy snack basket. 

AWG: Snacks. Always necessary. Last question for ya. We want to hear about these seedling guest favors.

Julianne: I just loved the idea of giving native wildflower seeds to our guests—encouraging people to create their own little patch of wildflowers to help provide food and nectar for all of the important pollinators around here. I work at Conserving Carolina, a conservation non-profit, and wildflower seeds just seemed like a given to me. The design on the packet is the same as the design we used on the invitations, our drink cups for the day, and the card box. The couple on the bike was drawn be a brilliant graphic designer at Henco Reprograpics who used a picture of one of Jake’s motorcycles and got an idea of what the two of us looked like. I told her I wanted flowers or petals to be coming out of my bouquet behind us. She nailed exactly what I was hoping for right off the bat. 



Venue: JuneBug Retro Resort

Images: Joseph Dix Photography

Caterer: Luella’s BBQ

Cake: a La Cupcakes

Florists: Mountain Floral (bouquet, corsages, boutonniere,ceremony arbor); Thyme in the Garden (table centerpieces)

Music: Whitney Shroyer (DJ Dr. Filth)

Beauty: Pure Beauty Asheville

Bride’s gown: BHLDN