Becca & Bryan {Craggy Pinnacle Trail}

Becca & Bryan {Craggy Pinnacle Trail}

Engagement season is upon us, people, and with that comes a slew of couple sessions featuring the sparkling ring (duh), a stunning mountain view (yes please), and some sweet and totally acceptable/totally necessary PDA. I mean, it’s not really public if it is just a bride-to-be, her man, and the photographer, right? I’m sure it didn’t bother Miss Kelsey of Kelsey Kline Photography who was there to capture the entire evening from the first glass of champagne—liquid courage needed to traverse these hills—to the final snapshot of Becca and Bryan on the overlook just before sunset. “This trail is definitely on my ‘Best Places for an Adventure Photo Shoot List,” says Kelsey and it’s quite easy to see why. And as magical as these snapshots are, so is the reason for taking them in the first place. Let’s hear a bit about these native North Carolinians love story.

Asheville Wedding Guide: How did you two lovebirds first meet?

Becca: Bryan and I first met in college. He played baseball and I cheered but it was not until New Years Eve 2017 that our relationship actually sparked. We both just happened to be at the same New Years party in Raleigh, North Carolina, and hit it off from there. 

AWG: So, it’s obvious you all are an active couple. Was hiking a mountain for your session an ideal choice? And how did this all work out while wearing a maxi dress?

Becca: Hiking is one of our favorite hobbies to do together so we thought why not hike for an awesome engagement shoot? North Carolina is near and dear to our hearts so we wanted to make sure this is where the shoot took place. Craggy Pinnacle could not have been any more perfect than it was that day. As for the dress, trekking up the trail was interesting but made for fabulous pictures. I ended up having to hold the bottom for part of the way up which made the pictures even more natural in my opinion. Bryan held it some, too, which was sweet for those “picture perfect” moments you look back on. I would do it again in a heart beat! 

AWG: Good attitude! Out of all of these portraits, which one is your absolute favorite?

Becca: My fave snap is the one where I am holding Bryan’s hand behind me and laughing uncontrollably. It is so raw and natural and real and beautiful. It captures our relationship to a T. We are both quirky and he keeps me laughing just like I am in that picture. 

AWG: Well good thing that image is in this mix below! To backtrack, can you let us in on your proposal?

Becca: The proposal was the best day. Bryan is not a planner but this, he had planned perfectly. He managed to get my family, his family, my best friend, and her husband all to Tennessee from North Carolina without me knowing. Not only that, but my sister and her boyfriend were there, too, traveling all the way from Colorado. It was Saturday, January 20th, and we went down to Market Square just like normal. Market Square is where we spend quite a few of our Saturdays and it just so happens to be the very spot I knew I loved Bryan. Bryan reached into his back pocket and grabbed a journal that we’ve been writing back and forth to each other in through our relationship (we did the long distance thing for awhile). In the journal he had written his favorite memories and then poured his heart out onto a particular page. The next thing I knew he was on his knee asking for my hand. I, of course, said “Yes!” and then all of our friends and family that were hiding while witnessing the whole thing came out to celebrate. Needless to say, we were all in tears for hours after that.  

Images by Kelsey Kline Photo & Design